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Sinbad San sailing yacht

Sinbad San Sailing Yacht

This classic sailing yacht is now available for yacht charter in Croatia. Based in Split, Sinbadsan is 22 metres long, with 4 double cabins and 4 bathrooms, accommodating up to 8 guests. Check out our current special offer for reservations made during the month of May and June 2017.

Sailing Charter

Sailing Charter in Croatia

As one of the hottest holiday and travel destinations in the Mediterranean, Croatia offers excellent sailing and yachting opportunities along the beautiful Adriatic Coast and its more than 1200 islands. Sail the Croatian coastline with sailing yachts and a gulet currently available.

Sublet Apartment

Sublet Your Apartment

If you are coming to Croatia on holiday from overseas, your greatest cost could be airfares. To offset the costs, you might consider subletting an apartment here. But even better idea would be sublet your own apartment while you're away, to earn some money while on vacation.

Female Packing List

Female Packing List

Taking a short trip or getaway to Croatia could be just the thing you need for a change of scenery and to recharge your batteries. Not to mention enjoying great culture and cuisine in Mediterranean climate. So, what should a woman pack and bring to Croatia on a holiday?

Croatia's Top Holiday Destinations

Top 10 Holiday Destinations in Croatia

Being one of the top holiday and travel destinations, Croatia offers an array of interesting destinations, each with offering a different experience. From various island destinations to coastal and inland cities, towns and National Parks. There is something for everyone to enjoy a holiday in Croatia.

Istrian Peninsula

Istrian Peninsula

Heart-shaped peninsula located in the north-west part of Croatia, bordering with Italy near Trieste, is well-known holiday destination for many European visitors. Apart from its beautiful Adriatic coastline, Istria offers many points of interest in its virgin countryside.

Croatia Attractions

Croatia Attractions

As one of the more affordable and most popular holiday destinations, Croatia offers the usual favourites as well as many hidden gems. Its many attractions include everything, from beaches to scenery to clean seas to historical sites.

Famous Croatia

Things That Make Croatia Famous

Despite its small size, Croatia's has many claims to fame. From famous people to famed attractions, there are many reasons to visit this beautiful country. Discover top seven things that make this country worthy of recognition and popular with tourists.

Summer Music Festivals

Summer Music Festivals

Croatia is gaining recognition with its enthralling music scene. With its amazing beach venues, chilled-out crowds and top music draws, Croatia is quickly becoming a great music festivals destination.

Top 10 Destinations

Top Ten Destinations

This small country has some of the most magnificent holiday and travel sttractions in Europe, including the most frequented and best known Dubrovnik, Plitivice Lakes, Hvar, Rovinj, and others. Discover what makes these popular destinations appealing to visitors.

Sailing to Remote Lighthouses in Adriatic - As one of the top sailing destinations, Croatia has many remote islands with lighthouses. The only way to reach these islands and visit the lighthouses is via sail boat. If you enjoy an open sea adventure, you will find visiting these secluded islands an escape to remember. 

MSC Croatia Cruises - As one of the top holiday destinations, Croatia is also very popular as a cruise destination. Starting from Venice and going through 3 fascinating countries of Italy, Croatia and Turkey, MSC's Croatia cruises will provide you with a comprehensive Mediterranean cruise experience.

Ten Best Hotels in Croatia - As one of favourite destinations for travellers from Europe and the world, Croatia offers an array of hotels. We give you a guide to the ten best hotels in Croatia in Zadar, Rovinj, Poreč, Split, Zagreb and Dubrovnik, which offer a wide range of amenities for a great holiday experience.

Croatian Cinema Showcased in 2013 - As Croatia has become part of the European Union starting 1. July this year, we're reminded of some of the popular international film festivals that showcase Croatian cinema.

Popular Destinations in Croatia - As one of travellers' hot spots, Croatia offers a variety of holiday destinations, both inland and along the coastline. Each of these destinations offer something different to enjoy, including a range of outdoor and sporting activities.

City Break to Dubrovnik - Becoming a popular holiday destination of its own, Dubrovnik attracts tourists and cruise from around the world, as well as rich and famous stopping over in Dubrovnik for a quick visit or a holiday.

Top Five Islands in Croatia - If island vacation is your idea of a perfect holiday, then you will find Croatian islands your ideal destination. Here's our list of Croatia's top five islands, from the quiet and serene, to the picturesque and nightlife rich.  
Kvarner Bay - Located next to Istria, the gulf of Kvarner is a travel destionation in its own right, featuring many different holiday options. These include the islands of Krk and Rab, as well as the famous town of Opatija, one of the oldest holiday destinations on Croatian coastline. Kvarner has been one of the most popular Croatia's destinations. 
Croatian Casinos - If gambling is part of your holiday experience, you will find that casinos in Croatia offer a unique experience and a range of attractive packages.  
Cycling Holidays in Croatia - When it comes to outdoor activities, there's plenty of options on offer in Croatia. One of those activities is cycling, with Istrian Peninsula and Souther Dalmatia being popular destinations for cyclists, hikers and trekkers.  
Discover Istria - Locally known as Istra, this region offers a variety of holiday activities, as one of Croatia's pre-eminent destinations. Istria is home to some of the best known holiday cities in Croatia - Pula, Poreč, Rijeka, and Brioni.  
Sailing Charter in Croatia - One of the best ways to explore beautiful Croatian coast and its thousand islands is to take a sailing charter holiday in Croatia.  
Zagreb Travel - When travelling to Zagreb you will encounter many different points of interest and city attractions, including its rich cultural heritage and street cafés life.  
Things To Do in Dubrovnik - In amongst a variety that the city offers, we choose some of the top things to do and see while in Dubrovnik on holiday.  
Croatia Airports - There are six major airports in Croatia, most of them located in the cities along the coastline, with the exception of the capital Zagreb located in the heart of the country inland.  
Croatia Activities - No matter the style of outdoor activity you enjoy, you will find many and varied outdoor activities in Croatia, from the beachgoing to the more adventurous. 
Touring Croatia - Explore and discover Croatia by taking one of the many city, sea or inland tours, including great Adriatic beaches and its national parks.  
Croatia Cities - There are many towns and cities to visit in Croatia, both inland and along the coastline, with the largest being Rijeka, Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik.  
Croatia Cruising and Yachting - Beautiful coastline, crystal-clear waters, historic ports, good sailing conditions and over 1,200 islands to explore have made Croatia one of the top cruising and yachting destinations.  
Central Croatia - If you want to experience more than just sun and sea on your Croatian vacation, then head to central Croatian regions where you will find great hospitality and numerous quaint villages and towns to explore. 

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