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Split Croatia Attractions

Exploring some of Split's historical and other attractions

Although less recognized than Dubrovnik, as one of Croatia's destinations, the city of Split is gaining more prominence as a complete tourist destination. European and visitors from other parts of the world are discovering what makes Split a great holiday destination.

As the 2nd largest city in Croatia and the largest on Croatian coastline, this 17 centuries old city is one of finest locations on the Adriatic Coast in Croatia. Originally founded as a Greek colony, Split has a long and rich history, which is reflected in its many historical monuments. But there are other attractions worth exploring in this city.

Panoramic view of Split, Croatia
City of Split is one of the best known Mediterranean cities on Croatia's coastline

Diocletian Palace

Split is the home of the 1700-year old Diocletian Palace, built around the year 300 AD. The Roman emperor Diocletian had the palace built for his retirement days, where he settled in the year 305 AD with his wife. He spent his last years in the Palace, until his death in the year 316 AD.

A decade ago the Diocletian Palace underwent full laser restoration, which was fully completed in 2009. This was the first full restoration that the Palace has undergone since it was built 17 centuries ago.

Diocletian Palace has been designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Diocletian Palace in Split
Parts of the walls of Diocletian Palace in Split,
built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian at 300 AD.

Split Riva

The popular Split Riva promenade is the focal point for Split visitors and locals alike. It is located exactly in the front of Diocletian Palace and during the summer months it swarms with crowds. Naturally enough, you will find there cafes, restaurants, and souvenir shops. Or just enjoy a pleasant walk along the promenade sea front.

Split markets are just further up from the Riva and Diocletian Palace, while a short walk will take you to the nearby ferry harbour and train station, where you can catch a train to Croatia's capital, Zagreb.

Split promenade in the evening
Popular gathering place during the day and in the evenings is Split's promenade,
located in front of Diocletian Palace walls.

Split Harbour

Split harbour is the third largest in the Mediterranean. More than 3.5 millions of passengers pass through the port every year and over 650,000 vehicles. It is expected that these numbers will double in 10 years time.

Split ferries operate daily with connections to most major nearby islands, such as Bra─Ź and Hvar, two of the largest islands. Ferry passengers can also get a ride to major Croatian cities on the coast, such as Rijeka and Dubrovnik. If you travel to other countries, there are ferries to Greece and Italy, such as the city of Ancona.

The local "Jadrolinija" is the main ferry operator, providing large ferries that carry vehicles, as well as fast passenger ferries.

A view of Split's harbour
Split harbour is one of the busiest in Croatia, with ferries being available to the left
of this picture, carrying both passengers and vehicles.

Nearby Islands

Of course, a key reason Split and the surrounding Dalmatian and Adriatic Sea islands have always attracted millions of visitors each year is the splendour and variety of this coastal area's natural beauty. Added to that, the Spring and long Summer season is amongst the most perfect in Europe.

The islands of Hvar and Brac of all Mediterranean areas, enjoy the most sunshine per month. Sunbathers, pleasure sailors, and holiday makers alike can be assured of the best possible climate to enjoy a unique travel experience on this beautiful coastline.

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Split Croatia Attractions
Split Croatia Attractions

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Split Croatia Sightseeing

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