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City of Split

Croatia's 2nd largest city, Split is the centre of Dalmatia

The city of Split, located in Dalmatia region on Croatian coastline, is the second largest city in Croatia. It is more central than Dubrovnik, with many road and ferry connections to the rest of Croatia and parts of Europe. Its recently upgraded airport Resnik handles more than 2 million passengers per year.

  Exploring the city of Split in Croatia
Budget Hotels in Split

Budget Hotels in Split

The city is alive with music, theatre, shopping and dining opportunities, many of which are within a walking distance of Split hotels. You can easily find those that suit your budget.

Extended Getaway Hotels

Extended Getaway Hotels

The Dalmatian city of Split offers extended getaway deals with many hotels conveniently located near the city centre. This includes Le Meridien Lav, as one of the finest hotels in Split.

Hotel Accommodation

Hotel Accommodation in Split

Discover more hotels in this seaside town, that offer some of the best holiday accommodation in the Mediterranean. These are all located close to the town centre.

Split Croatia Attractions

Split Croatia Attractions

Whether your enjoy the usual holiday attractions, such as beaches, coffee shops, and restaurants, or something worth exploring as old architectural monuments, Split has it all.

Split Croatia Hotels

Split Croatia Hotels

You will find a number of great hotels in Split city, catering for budget conscious traveller, as well as luxury hotel accommodation, such as Le Meridien Lav hotel.

Split Croatia Sightseeing

Split Croatia Sightseeing

There are many interesting sights in Split, including Archaeological Museum, Marjan Forest Park, and Mestrovic Gallery, to name a few. Plus the famous Palace of Diocletian.

The name of Split

How Split got its name? There are a few theories on that. It's hard to ascertain which one is a correct one, but it's interesting to learn about stories behind the name of Split.

Split is home to Diocletian Palace, as it's well known. The Latin word for 'palace' is 'palatium', which is a possible origin for the name Split. Even today Italians call the city Spalato. Combine the two words and you're close to the name of Split, as the locals call it.

The other influence in its name could be the Greek influence. Split was originally founded as Aspalathos, the Greek colony, possibly as early as in the 3rd century BC. The name seems to have been based on a local shrub 'calicotome spinosa', which is locally known as 'brnistra'. The Greeks called the shrub 'aspalathos'.

Whatever its origina, the name is certainly original and easy to remember, especially for English speaking visitors. And contrary to what some jockingly say, it's nothing to do with the famous 'banana split' cake or ice-cream.

City of Split, in Dalmatia
The city of Split has become one of the major tourist destinations in Croatia,
providing excellent travel connections by air, land and sea with the rest of Croatia
and with some of major cities of Europe.

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