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Sailing to Remote Lighthouses in Adriatic

Experience an open sea adventure by sailing to lighthouses

The lighthouses on Croatian open sea islands are only accessible by boat. Sailing to remote islands requires more navigating skills and is a challenge for every sailor. The best way to escape from the tourist crowds is visiting a hidden bay or a secluded island. Even better if reaching it is an adventure and a road less traveled.

When you visit such a place you experience the view and the atmosphere of isolation and the open sea, reserved for a small number of sailors. Or reserved only to the keeper of the lighthouse.

Croatia boasts many lighthouses on secluded islands. Lighthouses on Sušac and Palagruža are probably the remotest and that means the hardest to get to.

Sušac lighthouse

Sušac is an open sea island in the Adriatic, west of Lastovo and Korčula and southeast of Vis. The 19th century lighthouse is located on the southern side of the island. This part of Sušac is very steep, with cliffs emerging from the deep sea. You can stay overnight. There is a berth near the lighthouse for smaller boats.

Sušac lighthouse in Croatia
The lighthouse on remote island of Sušac, in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia.
(photo courtesy of

If you want to test your diving limits, the sea water lake gives you a chance to do just that. The lake in the northern part of Sušac can be reached from the sea. You have to dive through a cave at a depth of about 50 ft.

Palagruža lighthouse

Small archipelago of Palagruža is located in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. It is 23 Nm (nautical miles) away from Sušac and 40 Nm from Vis. The lighthouse on the main island Vela Palagruža (Great Palagruža) was built in 1875.

Since Palagruža is the remotest Croatian island sailing to the lighthouse is an adventure in the open sea that requires skill and navigation knowledge. The island is only accessible by boat and the basic information you need to start on this journey is route plan and weather forecast. The main reasons why you shouldn't stay overnight are: rocky sea floor and unstable weather.

Palagruža lighthouse, Croatia
The lighthouse on Vela Palagruža island, part of Palagruža island archipelago,
in Croatia.
(photo courtesy of

You can explore the coast when sailing around the island. There are some beautiful bays, but the open sea waves are strong. Lighhouse is situated in the middle of Palagruža. If you climb to the top of the island you can see the magnificent view of Adriatic coasts.

Apart from the Vela Palagruža (Great Palagruža) the remote archipelago consists of Mala Palagruža (Little Palagruža) and about 15 rocks and reefs, with shallows in between. Near the islet Galijula, 3 Nautical miles south of Palagruža, you can dive around the remains of a sunken ship. 

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  Croatia's Lighthouses

Lighthouses in Croatia
Lighthouses in Croatia

Sailing to Lighthouses
Sailing to Lighthouses

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