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Lighthouses in Croatia

Experience isolated lifestyle of lighthouse keeper

A trip to a lighthouse provides a special sailing experience. The austere stone buildings are usually only approachable by boat, whether they are located on a speck of land, lost in the open sea, or an islet close to a busy port. About 50 towers, built for the most part in the 19th century, are scattered across the Adriatic Sea. And in some locations, such as the islands of Porer, Prišnjak, Pločica and Lastovo, you can rent an apartment and experience the isolated lifestyle of a lighthouse keeper.


The lighthouse on the island of Porer was built in 1833. The rocky islet, southwest of the Cape Kamenjak, is so small that you can walk around it in about one minute. The 35m high tower stands in the center of the stone lighthouse building. The shallows and underwater cliffs in the surrounding sea make Porer an interesting diving location.

Lighthouse on Porer island, Croatia
Porer islet lighthouse in Croatia is an interesting diving location.  
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You can sail around many coves and islands in the vicinity of Porer, such as Kršin and Fenoliga. The southern part of Fenoliga boasts numerous sites with dinosaur footprints. Nearby destinations in Istria and Kvarner bay include Cape Kamenjak, Brijuni National Park and the islands of Unije and Cres.


Prišnjak lighthouse was built in 1886. The islet of Prišnjak, adorned with stone walls, is located in the vicinity of the western coast of Murter. A short walk from the lighthouse takes you to the beach. The sea around Prišnjak is exceptionally warm because of the shallow waters. The swimming season lasts until late autumn.

Lighthouse on Prišnjak islet, Croatia
Prišnjak islet lighthouse, in Croatia, adorned by stone walls. 
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The islet’s location offers great opportunities for fishing and sailing. You can explore the islands of the Murter archipelago, as well as the stunning barren landscapes of the Kornati National Park.


The lighthouse, built in 1887, is situated on the island of Pločica, between Korčula and Hvar. The name of the islet (meaning plate) refers to its peculiar shape. When you are approaching it aboard a yacht the low and flat Pločica looks like a disc emerging from the sea.

Lighthouse on Pločica island, Croatia
Croatia's Pločica island lighthouse is interesting for its peculiar island shape.  
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A stone garden wall surrounds the lighthouse building, situated on the highest point of the islet. You can find shade during hot summer days among the nearby tamarisk and fig trees. The boats arrive at a small bay in the northern part of Pločica. The waters around the islet with beautiful underwater landscapes offer some great locations for diving.

Struga, Lastovo

The lighthouse on the island of Lastovo, 14 km south of Korčula, was built in 1839. The Cape Struga lies at the entrance to the Skrivena Luka bay. The lighthouse, located at the height of 70 m, stands on a steep cliff, where you can enjoy the views of the open sea. There are many rocky beaches in the area around the Struga lighthouse. But you can also visit numerous coves of the Lastovo archipelago, such as Zaklopatnica bay. Explore the paths around the lighthouse and visit the picturesque town of Lastovo where the houses with unusual chimneys are gathered on slopes of a natural amphitheater.

Lighthouse at Cape Struga, Lastovo island, Croatia
Struga lighthouse, Cape Struga, on one of Croatia's large islands, Lastovo.
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  Croatia's Lighthouses

Lighthouses in Croatia
Lighthouses in Croatia

Sailing to Lighthouses
Sailing to Lighthouses

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