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Lighthouses in Croatia

Sail to to rent an apartment at Croatian lightouses

Looking for a unique holiday experience in Croatia? Consider renting an apartment at a lighthouse in Croatia, or sailing to one of these tiny islands and exploring austere lightouse buildings. It could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will talk about and remember for many years.

  Explore Croatian Lighthouses
Isolated Lighthouses in Croatia

Isolated Lighthouses in Croatia

Sail around Croatian islands for a memorable sailing adventure. Add to it renting an apartment in one of numerous lighthouses, to experience the isolated lifestyle of a lighthouse keeper, and you have a great holiday in the making.

Sailing to Lighthouses in Adriatic

Sailing to Lighthouses in Adriatic

Enrich your open sea adventure in Croatia by sailing to one of its many lighthouses. It's an excellent way to escape the crowds and experiencing a true holiday adventure on a secluded island. Enjoy the challenge!

Tranquil island holidays

As in other countries, Croatian lighthouses have become tourist attractions over the years. With the availability of sailing charter to these unique places, they have become more accessible to the travellers who like to escape the mass tourism.

For those who like spending their holiday in peace and tranquility, while having a most unusual experience, holidaying in or sailing to a lighthouse can be truly wondrous.

There are more than a hundred lighthouses in Croatia, most of which are active. Some of those are only beacons, lights or towers, located both on the mainland and Croatian islands. We have selected some of those, described in the two articles in this category, along with the original pictures of those lighthouses.

Lighthouse Sestrice in Croatia, at sunset
Spend your holiday in peace and tranquility by sailing to
or renting an apartment at a lighthouse in Croatia.
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