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The famous walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, in Dalmatia's south, has become one of the best known and most visited holiday destinations in the Mediterranean - popular both with international tourists and celebrities alike. It became famous for its well-preserved, medieval Dubrovnik walls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But the city has much more to offer to its visitors.

  Dubrovnik Attractions and Accommodations
Dubrovnik Holiday Activities

Dubrovnik Holiday Activities

From its rich and long history, culture and dining options, Dubrovnik has many holiday activities and places to see. Experience everything that this charming city has to offer.

Dubrovnik City Attractions

Dubrovnik City Attractions

Although Dubrovnik has many tourist attractions, it's best know by its Old City walls, beaches with a great view of the Old City, and Rector's Palace from where Dubrovnik Republic was ruled for centuries.

Dubrovnik City Break

Dubrovnik City Break

As one of the most popular holiday destinations in Croatia and a famous destination of its own, Dubrovnik has become a popular holiday and stopover destination for the rich and famous.

Dubrovnik City History

Dubrovnik City History

The city became established as the first settlement in the 7th century and became the Republic of Dubrovnik in the 15th century, at the time known as the Republic of Ragusa.

Dubrovnik Travel Advice

Dubrovnik Travel Advice

When going to the most visited city in Croatia, it's good to learn a few tips and tricks on how to get the most from your trip to Dubrovnik and learn how to get around the city.

Things to Do in Dubrovnik

Things To Do in Dubrovnik

There are numerous ways to enjoy the city of Dubrovnik. From a walk along the city walls and visiting the old town, to enjoying Lapad Bay sights and Dubrovnik's old churches and museums.

Dubrovnik Accommodations

Dubrovnik Accommodations

Visitors to Dubrovnik will find a variety of good holiday accommodations in Dubrovnik. These include Grand Villa Argentina, Valamar Lacroma Resort, and Hotel Kompas.

Dubrovnik Hotels

Dubrovnik Best Hotels

Hotel Neptun, Dubrovnik Palace, and Hilton Imperial are but a few hotels in Dubrovnik from which to choose, if you are looking for top accommodations in the city.

Family Accommodations

Family Accommodations

When planning a family vacation to Dubrovnik, you will find many different hotel accommodation choices in and around the city, with a lot of other options included.

Hotel Accommodations

Hotel Accommodations

From low cost budget private homes and apartment holiday accommodations, to luxury hotels and resorts, you will find many holiday accommodation choices in Dubrovnik city.

One of the most popular cities with visitors and perhaps one of the best known on the Croatian and Dalmatian coastline is that of Dubrovnik. It achieved a bit of infamy during the war in former Yugoslavia in early 90s, when the footage of Dubrovnik's old walls being bombarded by the Serb paramilitary and Yugoslav army forces went around the world.

But Dubrovnik's rich history goes back to the 7th century when the first known settlement was established. In the 15th century the city became the Republic of Dubrovnik, also known as the Republic of Ragusa.

Panoramic view of Dubrovnik
Panoramic view of Dubrovnik city, with its famous old city walls facing the
Adriatic Sea, while the larger area of Dubrovnik is dotting the surrounding hills.
(Image by Dalibor D.)

Dubrovnik today

For many decades Dubrovnik has been one of the most visited cities in Croatia, welcoming guests from around the world.

Although the visitors numbers did slow down during early 1990s, since the mid 90s and especially since the beginning of this century, more and more tourists are visiting Dubrovnik, year after year.

Dubrovnik has established itself as one of the best known Croatia destinations, creating a brand recognized worldwide. Dubrovnik has also become a popular holiday destination for the rich and famous.

Celebrities in Dubrovnik

These of course include some of the best known celebrities, who have been discovering Dubrovnik’s charm, over and over again. During the past few years in particular, Dubrovnik has become a Mediterranean mecca for famous celebrities, either passing through, or taking their time in soaking up the local Summer atmosphere.

While in its early days Dubrovnik played host to the likes of Agatha Christie, Lord Byron and George Bernard Shaw, these days the city attracts the likes of Tom Cruise, Christopher Walken, John Malkovich, Naomi Campbell, and others.

As Dubrovnik‘s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the early James Bonds, now Sir Roger Moore, had also visited Dubrovnik last year with his wife, as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. He was attending the charity music event "From Dubrovnik for the Children of the World".

The actor John Malkovich, whose family apparently originates somewhere from this region, is a frequent visitor, having bought a holiday home here.

It is expected that during 2006 the city will be even more popular, not only with celebrities, but especially with other tourists, including those looking to buy a property here. While Dubrovnik's real estate has become expensive, those with deep pockets will still find a lot of good bargains in and around Dubrovnik.

However, if you’re looking for more reasonably priced holiday homes or villas in Dalmatia, you will discover more property bargains in and around Split area.

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