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Taking Your Vacation
in Central Croatia

A great way to explore central regions of Croatia

The coastal regions of Croatia have been well known to travelers for thousands of years. Even today, many traveler visit Split or Dubrovnik on the coast, passing by the wonders in the central portion of this beautiful country. Central Croatia is a diverse region, filled with wine, rolling hills, quaint towns, thermal springs and rivers. A vacation in central Croatia can be a great way to enjoy your trip to the area.

Northern central Croatia

The northern portion of central Croatia is filled with hot springs, resorts, hotels and much more. Many full service holistic spas offer you numerous ways to relax and enjoy the healthful benefits of the hot mineral waters. Additionally, you will find towns such as Varazdin, Krapina-Husnjakovo, Cakovec and Mali Tabor. Each of these towns offers you historical significance, from gothic churches to ancient cemeteries and more. Caves, forests, rivers and numerous other natural attractions abound, as well.

A river in central Croatia
Unlike its popular coastline and islands, in central Croatia you will find many
sleeps towns with some picturesque sights, if you enjoy a more laidback holiday.

While touring these towns in central Croatia, you will find numerous accommodation options. Village tourism is thriving in these Croatia regions, offering you a great way to get to know these warm and welcoming people and enjoy your Croatian vacation to the fullest. There are many vacation home rentals available throughout the area that offer incredible hospitality.

The southern region

Farther south, you will find a region heavily populated with quaint villages and small towns. Vineyards cover the hills and fields, while ancient historical monuments seem to pop up at every turn. Marija Bistrica has been a pilgrimage site since medieval times, while the Stubicke thermal spa (Stubičke Toplice) offers incredible health benefits for travelers and locals. Neanderthal remains have been discovered in this region, giving a sign as to how long habitation has been ongoing here.

An old town in central Croatia, with a castle
Central Croatia regions hide many small colourful towns,
usually seated by riversides, and with a rich cultural heritage.

In the southern region, you will enjoy castle Trakoscan, which was started in the Middle Ages but not completed until the 1800s. Crna Mlaka is an amazing natural reserve in the area, offering you astounding natural beauty, while several other natural parks can be found in the region. Sisak has been an inhabited town since Roman times and offers some of the most impressive architectural remains in the country. The entirety of the area is dotted with small villages and hamlets, providing a pastoral beauty, accented by the vineyards, farms and ancient walls.

As you can see, central Croatia has much to offer the traveler. You can easily reach any of these areas from Zagreb. Zagreb's local airport is served by Air Croatia, as well as many European airlines. Flying into Zagreb will give you the easiest way to venture into the surrounding countryside. Car rentals, tour companies and bus rentals are all available, many of them right at the airport. You'll find that you can find an incredible vacation in Croatia.

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