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Kvarner Bay

Croatia's Kvarner Bay is well known for its popular Kvarner Riviera

Thanks to its mild winters and hot summers, Kvarner bay or the gulf of Kvarner has slowly become an extremely popular Croatian destination for travellers. Located in Croatia, in the Mediterranean, Kvarner gulf has been able to expand its tourism base while maintaining a solid industry to support the economy.

Located next to Istria, Kvarner Riviera has many interesting places and towns that travellers to Croatia readily visit. If you plan on taking a trip to Kvarner, here are three places that you should make sure you don’t miss out on visiting.

Cres island cliffs seen from the sea
Cres island is one of large islands located in Kvarner Bay, next to Krk island.
In addition to being one of largest islands, Cres is also the longest in Croatia.

Popular Croatia's destination

During the first 9 months of 2012, Kvarner Bay area has had over 2 million visitors, resulting in 12 million night stays. Over 40% of those were German tourists, while the rest comes from other Europe countries.

As in October 2012, most of the hotels and camps in the area are open, while Opatija is booked 'til mid November.

Krk Island

Small cove at Krk Island, Kvarner Bay, Croatia
The largest island in Kvarner Bay is Krk island, which has a number of
picturesque towns
dotted around its coastline and inland.

Krk is an island located in Kvarner bay. It is one of the biggest islands in this area, being of a size of approximately four hundred and nine square kilometers. One interesting fact about Krk is that it receives over twenty-five hundred hours of sun every year. If you are able to make it to Krk, make sure to visit Cave Biserujka (where you can buy the best shells on Adriatic), Bay Soline (rich with healthy mud) and Košljun - a small island that's part of Krk island archipelago.

Popular activities on the island of Krk include diving, walking, various sports and a variety of adventure activities including mountain biking, sea kayaking and trekking.

Rab Island

Rab island Rab town in Kvarner Bay
Located south of Krk island and eastward from Cres island is another large,
Rab island,
with the main town of the same name. It's home to over 30 beaches.

Rab features an extremely unique landscape. On the northeastern side of the island, the landscape is mostly bare. However, on the southwestern side of the island, the landscape is covered with green pine forests. Rab island has become an extremely popular location for travellers because of its breathtaking beaches and many events, which include the Rab Medieval festival and Rab arbalest tournament. Ferries connect Rab with the mainland, as well as the neighbouring islands of Krk and Pag.

Opatija Town

Hotel Miramar at Opatija
As one of the most desired destinations in Kvarner Bay, Opatija town provides
numerous holiday options, including excellent hotel accommodation.

Opatija, which is known as the Pearl of the Adriatic Sea, is located below a mountain and next to Učka nature park. Regardless of whether you want to vacation in the summer or winter, Opatija has a lot of excellent things to offer. Opatija is well-known for its parks, beaches, rustic Austrian villas, seaside promenade and of course, its natural beauty. If you enjoy cultural activities, Opatija offers many one of a kind cultural events like exhibits, festivals and indoor & outdoor concerts. These include traditional carnival, Liburnija Jazz Festival, Chocolate Festival, and Flower Festival.

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