Croatia holidays and travel guide

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Destinations in Croatia

Central Croatia

Vacation in Central Croatia

The coastal regions of Croatia have been known to travellers for a long time. But the central region of Croatia also offers diversity of rolling hills, vineyards, quaint towns, scenic rivers and a lot more.

Croatia Destinations

Amazing Destinations in Croatia

This is a European hotspot holiday destination that attracts rich people and celebrities to its islands and coastline. There are some amazing holiday and travel destinations here that attract numerous visitors.

Discover Istria

Wonders of Istria Region

Istria is one of Croatia's best kept secrets. This wine and truffles region provides some of the most beautiful landscapes. Locally known as Istra, it's known for its hospitable towns and friendly inhabitants.

Fun Places in Croatia

Ten Fun Places in Croatia

No matter where you go on your holiday, you look for fun places to visit. Same goes when you visit Croatia, which abounds with many amazing places. We give you a list of ten fun places to experience here.

Istrian Peninsula

Places on the Istrian Peninsula

This heart-shaped peninsula is situated in the north-west part of Croatia, bordering with Italy near Trieste. The interior of peninsula reveals small villages, ancient ruins, green valleys, farmhouses, and pine trees.

Kvarner Bay

Croatia's Kvarner Bay

The gulf of Kvarner has slowly become an extremely popular Croatian destination for travellers. There are many interesting places and towns on Kvarner riviera well worth visiting.

Top Destinations

Holiday Destinations in Croatia

There are many holiday destinations in Croatia, too numerous to mention on one site. Do some research and inform yourself before you make your choice. Here's a list of ten places that make for a great holiday.

Top Ten Destinations

Top Ten Destinations in Croatia

This small country in the Mediterranean provides many magnificent attractions. Its rocky shores along the Adriatic Sea add to the glory and charm of this country. Top ten destinations described in a nutshell.

Holiday destinations in Croatia

As a holiday destination, Croatia abounds with different locations worth exploring in their own right. Whether you choose its majestic coastline, beautiful islands, or serene and scenic inland, you will find many Croatia destinations that will keep you enchanted.

If you enjoy city destinations, you can start from its capital Zagreb, go down to the world famous Dubrovnik, or move up the coastline to Makarska, Split, Šibenik, Zadar, Pula, Opatija, and Poreč, to name a few. Each of those city destinations offer a thriving holiday scene with numerous attractions, busy nightlife and many historical places.

For those who are more nature oriented, Croatia has 8 national parks, as well as 10 nature parks. The best known in National Park Plitvice, which attracts over a million visitors annually.

Komiža town in Croatia
One of popular destinations on Croatia's far island of Vis is town of Komiža, located on the west side of the island in Komiža bay, some 10 kms. away from the town of Vis

Croatia is quickly becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. If you have never visited this country, you may be uncertain where to begin. The following pages should provide you with some answers, as we show you some of the top and most interesting Croatian destinations.

There are certainly many different beautiful sights and places to see, so it is easy to understand why a traveler might have a difficult time deciding between the many different options. Perhaps these destination suggestions will give you an idea on how to best see and enjoy the beauty of Croatia.

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