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Tourism 2005

WTO announces 2005 tourism numbers

MADRID - 27. January 2006 -- The World Tourism Organization has today announced European tourism visits numbers for 2005. The highest growth was achieved by Turkey, whose visitor numbers grew by 20% in 2005, reaching 21 millions. It's followed by Israel and Croatia, who both enjoyed 7% higher visitor numbers in 2005. Spain tourist numbers grew by 6%.

Tourism in Croatia
Croatia achieved growth of 7% in tourism numbers in 2005

Overall, tourism numbers grew by 5.5% on average in 2005, with 808 million tourists travelling to other countries for their holidays. The highest regional growth has been noted by Africa, whose visitor numbers grew by 10%. The Asian-Pacific region grew by 7%, Americas by 6%, while European tourism grew by 4.3% in 2005.

Despite the natural and man-made disasters in 2005, such as tsunami and terrorist attacks on tourism objects, tourism industry continues to grow. During the past 3 years the number of tourists travelling grew by almost 100 millions worldwide.

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