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Celebrities in Croatia

News items about famous celebrities visiting Croatia

Nicky Hilton visits Croatia

Celebrities 2007
» Nicky Hilton visits Hvar
» Norah Jones concert in Pula

Celebrities 2006
» Woody Harelson in Dubrovnik
» Richard Gere to film in Zagreb
» Nick Nolte arrives to Dubrovnik
» Mikhail Gorbachev in Primosten

Celebrities 2005
» Roman Avramovic in Dubrovnik
» Saudi Prince visits Dubrovnik
» Jordanian King holidays in Croatia
» Miami Dolphins boss visits Croatia
» Bernie Ecclestone family in Zadar
» Adriatica Village built in Texas
» Ralph Lauren visits Makarska

Here's but a handful of those celebrity visits during the past few years, as reported by various Croatian news media at the time. Most of these celebrities come to Croatia on holidays; however some of them are also looking at properties and real estate in Croatia. Many of them return to Croatia year after year - one of those has been the actor John Malkovich, who enjoys spending his time in Dubrovnik.

Croatian islands - celebrities playground

It is rumoured that the likes of celebrities such as Bill Gates, Sharon Stone, Elke Sommer, Bernie Ecclestone, Prince Charles & Family, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Benneton Senior, Clint Eastwood and many others have visited and cruised around Croatian islands aboard their luxury yachts over the recent years. Mr Gates has apparently even expressed an interest in purchasing an island here, although nothing has been confirmed or denied publicly. There's no doubt that 'rich and famous' find Croatia and its islands particularly interesting and fascinating.

Pakleni otoci -celebrities playground
'Pakleni otoci' island archipelago near Hvar town (partially seen here in foreground), the main and the largest town on Hvara island. (Photo courtesy of

Croatia News
Dubrovnik, Croatia Celebrities
 » Celebrities 2007
 » Celebrities 2006
 » Celebrities 2005
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