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Largest Croatian Islands

The best known and largest of Croatia's islands

Croatian islands are amongst most picturesque in Europe and have always been popular with European travellers and holidaymakers. The islands are perhaps Croatia's biggest tourist drawcard, offering numerous holidaying options and accommodation packages to thousands of travellers every year.

Scattered along what's mostly Dalmatian coastline and up north along Istrian coast, Croatia islands occupy Croatia's side of the Adriatic Sea. The Adriatic sea, locally known as 'Jadran', adjoins to and forms part of the Mediterranean sea - see the map on Croatia page.

Town of Korcula on the island of Korcula
Korčula island belongs to the group of largest islands and it's known
for its wine making and olive plantations - Korčula town seen above.

A thousand of Croatian Islands

There are more than 1200 islands in the Adriatic sea. Most of the 1246 islands in the Adriatic belong to Croatia - 1185 of them. Of those 1185 Croatian islands, 783 are considered proper islands, while the others are classed either as the islets or the rocks. Of the 783 islands, the populated islands number 746.

Out of those 1200+ islands, 515 islands have the area of less than one square kilometre. Croatian islands also have quite a few lighthouses - there are 40 islands with one or more lighthouses. The total number of lighthouses is believed to be 53, meaning that some of those 40 islands have two lighthouses.

Croatia islands
There are hundreds of Croatian islands in the blue Adriatic sea, only half of which are populated islands.

The 10 largest Croatian islands in the Adriatic Sea are:

Krk - 406 sq. kms.
Cres - 406 sq. kms.
Brac - 395 sq. kms.
Hvar - 300 sq. kms.
Pag - 285 sq. kms.
Korcula - 276 sq. kms.
Dugi otok - 144 sq. kms.
Mljet - 100 sq. kms.
Rab - 91 sq. kms.
Vis - 90 sq. kms.

Here's some information about largest and better known Croatia islands.

Island of Krk

Krk island is one of the few islands connected to the mainland with a modern bridge. There are 68 townships and villages on the island, adding up to the island's population of 16,000 people. The main tourism towns on Krk island are: Baska, Krk, Malinska, Njivice, Omisalj, Punat and Vrbnik. This island has a rich cultural tradition and customs. The town of Vrbnik is well known for its popular 'Zlahtina' wine.

Island of Cres

Cres island is known by its natural contrasts and beauty. This includes its highest peak Gorica (648 metres) and the freshwater lake Vrana, the bottom of which is 68 metres below the sea level. There are 29 townships and villages on the island, the largest ones being Cres, Osor, Martinscica, Valun and Beli.

Brac island

The largest Dalmatian island is that of Brač, perhaps the best known and most popular of Croatian islands with the holiday makers. It features the highest island peak in Croatia - 778 metres high Vidova Gora. The island's population is 14,000, living in 22 towns and villages. The largest of the population centres is Supetar, also the island's main ferry port, with direct ferry connections from the city of Split. But Brac is perhaps best known as the home of 'Zlatni rat' beach, situated near the town of Bol - the most recognised tourist spot in Croatia.

Hvar island

Hvar is the longest island in the Adriatic, 68 kms in length and towering 628 metres above the sea level. It has the population of 27,000, spread amongst 27 townships and villages. It's one of the most popular islands with the tourists, featuring architectual monuments in its main town of Hvar, including one of the oldest theatres in Europe. There are several large hotels on the island, situated in the town of Hvar itself. Regular ferry connections are available between the mainland city of Split and the island's towns of Jelsa and Stari Grad.

Islets off town of Hvar
Hvar town harbour view from town's fortress - there are many islets
in and around the island of Hvar, one of the largest Croatia islands.

Island of Pag

The island of Pag has the population of 8,000, spread amongst 24 island population centres. It's a very rocky island, best known by its Pag cheese ("paski sir"). The largest towns on the island are Pag, Novalja and Lun.

Korcula island

Korčula is another one of the large islands in Dalmatia and one of the more populated ones. Most of its 18,000 population lives of tourism, as well as wine making and olive plantations. The towns of Korcula, Lumbarda and Vela Luka are situated along the island's coastline, while Zrnovo, Smokvica and Blato townships are on the inner parts of the island.

Dugi otok

The largest island off the Dalmatian city of Zadar's coast is Dugi otok (translated: Long island). It has the population of 3,000 in 10 townships and villages, with the highest peak Vela straza of 338 metres. The island's populace lives of vineyards, olive plantations and produce. The main town on the island is Sali, while the other small ones are Zman, Zaglav and Bozava.

Mljet island

Mljet is the greenest of the Adriatic islands, with one third of it being declared a national park. It's sparsely populated, with 1,300 people living in 14 villages and towns. The island's national park features rich flora and fauna, numerous beaches, fish and lobster rich waters and numerous historical monuments. The largest townships on the island are Babino Polje, Prozura, Maranovici, Korita and Blato.

Island of Rab

The Rab island is one of the most developed islands tourism wise. It has the population of 10,000 in its 8 towns and villages. With mild winters and hot summers, this is one of the sunniest islands in Croatia. It gets 104 sunny days, or about 2,500 hours annually. The main town is Rab, while other known towns popular with tourists are: Lopar, Mundanija, Supetarska Draga, Kampor, Banjol, Barbat and Palit.

Vis island

Vis is one of the most farthest islands from the Croatian coast, 587 metres above the sea level. There are 13 villages and towns on the island, with the population of about 5,000. The highest peak is Hum, while the main towns are Vis and Komiza. The island's rich red soil is used by the locals to grow vineyards, while fishing is the other popular occupation. Although as of the last couple of years, tourism is becoming more popular here, after the island was previously used as one of the main island sea fortresses, especially by the then Yugoslav navy forces.

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