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Enjoy this Vacation on
Croatia's Top Five Islands

Take your next holiday on one of Croatia's idyllic islands

Croatia may not be the location you immediately think of when booking your vacation; however, Croatia has quite a lot to offer to all kinds of tourists. Croatia’s idyllic islands are surrounded by warm waters, and each island has something unique to offer to the sightseers.

These destinations are in such high demand that they can get a bit overcrowded during the peak season, but book your holiday between late August and late September and you’ll enjoy a slightly quieter trip.

Enjoy your next vacation by taking a trip to one of Croatia’s top five islands!

Enjoy a Romantic Getaway in Vis

Forget family holidays, some of our most memorable (and enjoyable) holidays are those spent with a loved one in an isolated and idyllic location. If you’re looking to indulge in a romantic getaway for just the two of you then the island of Vis is the location for you.

Vis Beach on Island of Vis, Croatia
The picturesque Vis beach, with its aquamarine waters,
is one of the most popular on the island of Vis.

Explore the romantic coves together, or take nice long walks under the setting sun through one of the many vineyards.

If walking through local food production plants doesn’t strike your fancy then perhaps enjoying the local cuisine will!

There are plenty of restaurants on Vis that know how to set the mood while you and your partner enjoy your food.

Swim and snorkel in the local waters, and be sure to keep an eye out for the local wildlife, as you may spot dolphins in the distance.

Appreciate History and Local Scenery in Korcula

Korcula is a stunning old medieval town. Veins of narrow stone lanes cut through between the beautiful historic buildings and all lead to the surrounding big blue sea. If you love learning about history and enjoy exploring architecture then Korcula is the Croatian island for you.

Korcula town on the island of Korcula
Red roofed houses and round defensive towers
in the town of Korčula, on Korčula island.
Korcula (locally spelled as Korčula) is a quiet island, perhaps better suited to more mature couples who want an informative and enjoyable break away from the hubbub of daily life.

There are plenty of buildings to be explored, including the local 15th century Cathedral, the museum, the Gallery Vapor and more.

You and your family will enjoy dining at the local cafes and restaurants, and many of them cook using the local produce, giving guests the authentic taste of Croatia.

It may not be the most exhilarating of Croatia’s islands, but it is a very relaxing location with plenty of sights to see.

Relax and Unwind in Mali Losinj

Mali Lošinj is one of Croatia’s hidden jewels. This breathtaking location is an island located in a sea so green it almost seems unnatural; and yet it is the incredible density of local natural plants and trees on the island that contributes to the color of the nearby sea.

Mali Losinj Island, in Croatia
Flora and fauna on the island of Mali Lošinj is a perfect
background for a stress-free holiday in Croatia.
Mali Losinj (locally spelled as Mali Lošinj) has been hailed as a unique relaxation retreat that is perfect for stressed out couples of all ages. Everything about this island seems to have been designed to open the eyes, warm the heart and soothe the soul.

You’ll enjoy spending time exploring the beautiful bays and the preserved Greek features found throughout the island. Spend a few hours enjoying the unusual and sensual experience of the Aromatic Island Garden.

If you are the type of person that feels relaxed after strenuous exercise then you’ll greatly appreciate the sights seen during a hike through Cikat Park and the surrounding forest.

Enjoy Fantastic Cuisine and Unforgettable Hospitality in Pag

Pag is well known between food tourists as a wonderful location. Many of its natural resources are used in local cuisine. There are a variety of things you can see and do in Pag, from exploring rocky bays right through to a tour of a local family run cheese factory (as they say, when in Rome!)

Fish with baked potatoes and a souce on a plate

There are plenty of restaurants for you and your party to visit and each has its own range of dishes.

If you like your holiday trips to be a tour for your taste buds then Pag is definitely the place for you to visit.

For an interesting, affordable and welcoming stay in Pag then it’s better to avoid the bigger hotels and to instead opt for family run accommodation called pensions.

Here you’ll find hospitality like no other, and you’ll also find out about the best places to tickle your taste buds. Numerous Pag restaurants will offer you a variety of culinary specialties.

Have the Time of Your Lives in Hvar

Town of Hvar, on Hvar island, in early evening
The medieval Hvar town, on the island of Hvar, offers great nightlife and it's one of required stops for international trend-setters, with a lot to offer to its visitors.

Hvar is a fascinating location, which is caught between its rich architectural history and the modern form of entertainment.

If your holiday destination needs to offer an incredible nightlife then Hvar is certainly the destination for you.

By day you and your travel party can roam around the ancient ruins and architecture that Hvar has to offer. Together you can explore old towers and beautiful gardens.

However, by night, Hvar comes alive, and a short taxi journey can quickly connect you to a buzzing night life which has all of the characteristics of a designer and daring crowd.


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