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Brac Island Places of Interest

The largest island in Dalmatia, home to Zlatni Rat beach

It's the largest Dalmatian island (third largest in Croatia), locally known as Brač, one of the best known and most popular islands in the Adriatic sea.

In amongst many things, Brač island is famous for its white stone that's only found on this island. It was used in building the White House, Diocletian's Palace in Split, and a few other famous buildings. Here are some other places on interest on Brac island.

The town of Milna on Brač island
The town of Milna is located on the west side of Brač island, some 18kms away
from the main island's ferry port of Supetar, popular with divers and cyclists.

Brac island towns

There are 22 towns and villages on the island, with population of approximately 14,000 people. The largest town on the island is Supetar, which is also where the main ferry port is located. There are direct ferry connection with the mainland city of Split, one of the busiest ferry ports on Croatian coast.

Most of the ferries going from Split to Supetar and Sumartin towns on Brač are car ferries. Supetar is located on the island's side closer to Split, while the town of Bol, where many visitors tend to go, is on the other side of the island. So, it takes a good drive to get there, although there are buses, too.

Zlatni Rat beach

The other well known towns on Brač are Bol and Milna. The town of Bol is especially popular because of its 'Zlatni Rat' beach, shaped as a horn (hence the name of 'Golden Horn'), whose tip changes from time to time, depending on the sea currents. It's one of the most recognized and most unique beaches not only in Croatia, but in the world. The beach is particularly popular with windsurfers.

Zlatni rat beach on Brac island, near Bol town

An aerial view of the Zlatni Rat beach, located near the town of Bol, on Brač island,
as one of most spectacular beach destinations in Croatia.

Brac airport

There is also a small airport on the island, which mostly operates during the summer season. It's been recently upgraded, as more and more summer season visitors are using it to fly directly to the island for their summer holiday.

Vidova Gora

The highest peak on the island is Vidova Gora, which makes Brač island also the highest island in Croatia. It's 778m high, popular with hikers. The island hardly gets any snow ever, so climbing this peak is possible just about the year round.

Once you're on the top, you will enjoy majestic views of Bol town and its famous Golden Horn beach. Vidova Gora is one of the best sightseeing spots in Croatia.

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