Croatia holidays and travel guide

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Croatia Flights

Airlines and flights to Croatia

Being one of the most desirable holiday destinations, Croatia is enjoying increasingly more flight connections with Europe and the rest of the world. While the bulk of these Croatia flights happens during the Summer holidays season, more and more Croatia flights are available round the year.

APRIL 2020 - Owing to Covid-19 epidemic and shutdowns, the travel and tourism industry is expected to suffer great losses. It will take years before it's fully recovered. See the note under Germanwings at point no.10 below as an illustration of the travel industry problems that lie ahead of 2020. IATA has called for financial assistance to be provided to the airlines. Denmark and Sweden have provided its SAS sirlines credit guarantees of $300 millions, while Finnair has received government loan of $650 millions. Alitalia, on the other hand, has been nationalized by Italy's government, with guarantees of $550 millions.

Croatia Airports International Codes

There are excellent flight connections with Croatia's capital Zagreb, but also with other important cities and towns along Croatian coastline. The main cities and towns airports include (with international airport codes in brackets), listed in alphabet order:

  • Austrian Airlines
    Austrian Airlines is one of the airlines with flights to Croatia
    Bol, on the island of Brac (BWK) 
  • Dubrovnik, south Dalmatia (DBV) 
  • Pula, Istria (PUY) 
  • Rijeka, Istria (RJK) 
  • Split, Dalmatia (SPU) 
  • Zadar, Dalmatia (ZAD) 
  • Zagreb, the capital (ZAG) 

Airlines Flying to Croatia

Currently there are over 20 airlines providing flights to Croatia. Most of them fly to the capital Zagreb round the year, while others fly to Croatian coastal cities and towns mostly during the Summer season.

Here's the list of airlines currently providing Croatia flights:

  1. Aer Lingus - Irish airline has flights to Dubrovnik -   
  2. Aeroflot - Russian international airline, with flights to Zagreb -   
  3. Air France - France's international arline, flies to Split and Zagreb -   
  4. Alitalia - Italy's national airlines offers flights to Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb -   
  5. Austrian Airlines - Austria's national airline flies to Dubrovnik, Pula, Split, Zadar, and Zagreb -   
  6. British Airways - Brittain's international airline has flights to Dubrovnik and Split -   
  7. Croatia Airlines - Croatian national airlines offers numerous flights, some code-shared with German Lufthansa, to major cities in Europe -   
  8. Czech Airlines - Czech Republic national airline provides flights to Zagreb -   
  9. Evolavia - Low cost airline based at Ancona, Italy, offers Summer flights to Bol, on the island of Brac  
  10. Germanwings - Germany's low cost airline has flights to Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar, and Zagreb -   (Germanwings 2020 update: In the light of Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing problems expected to affect the travel industry, Lufthansa has announced that it will close its budget airline Germanwings, as well as cutting down some of its Eurowings brand. Once the current global travel restrictions have been lifted, it's anticipated that it will take years before travel returns to pre-crisis levels.)
  11. Hapag-Lloyd Express - Another German low cost airline, offers flights to Dubrovnik and Rijeka -   
  12. EasyJet - The second largest low cost European airline flies to Rijeka, and Split -   
  13. Lufthansa - German's international airline has flights to Dubrovnik, Split, and Zagreb -   
  14. Malev - Hungarian airline provides flights to Zagreb -     
  15. Norwegian Air - Norwegian airline offers air shuttle flights to Rijeka -   
  16. Ryanair - Irish and Europe's largest low cost air carrier has flights to Pula and Zadar -   
  17. SAS - Scandinavian Airlines provide flights to Split and Zagreb -   
  18. SkyEurope - Largest Central European low cost airline has flights to Dubrovnik, Split, and Zadar -   
  19. Snowflake - Discount Scandinavian Airlines carrier offers flights to Split -   
  20. Styrian Airways - An Austrian airline with flights to Zagreb  
  21. Turkish Airlines - Turkey's national airline offers flights to Zagreb -