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Amazing Destinations in Croatia

Where to find best holiday destinations inland
and on the coast in Croatia

Old fashion and glamour is together in Croatia. The beaches are beautiful and there is a lot to see here for the first time visitors. The tradition of this destination is interesting. This is the hot spot in Europe's holiday destinations. The cost here is comparatively affordable. The night life is very active in some parts.

There are many celebrities and rich people spotted in this part of the world. There is entertainment for people of all ages in Croatia. Most of the tourists who have visited this country will try to stay in the coast line but it is good to explore the interior to enjoy the Central Croatia.

Trakošćan castle in Croatia
One of the most attractive castles in Croatia, Trakošćan castle is a cultural
open to visitors throughout the year. (Image:

Range of Activities

There are amazing destination places in Croatia for first time visitors. They can enjoy many outdoor and sporting activities here. They can go sporting here. Biking, abseiling, rafting, canoeing and hiking are just some of the sporting and outdoor activities where the first time visitors will enjoy most.

Some of the people arrange for the wedding in this island. This will leave a beautiful memory for the bride and the bride groom. Dubrovnik, Dalmatian Coast, Istria, Makarska Riviera and Krka National Park are some of the places of interest for the first time visitors.

Dubrovnik Town

Dubrovnik is the old town where there are many historic places. The old pharmacy is also a historical remembrance of this old town. The people who are visiting this place for the first time will surely enjoy this place. The summer festival is the main attraction here. Not to mention walking the old city walls and going to Lapad beach.

Dalmatian Coast

Villa Borgo in Istria
The entrance to Villa Borgo, located in medieval town of Motovun, in Istria.

Dalmatian coast features a beautiful view of the mountains on one side and the Adriatic Sea with its turquoise blue waters on the other.

Hundreds of beautiful Mediterranean islands dot the coastline, some small and pristine, other large and populated with many island towns.

The eateries in the cities along the coast are mostly home run. The food is tasty and prepared by the chefs who are experts in continental cuisines.

Mediterranean food is one of the healthiest in the world, featuring fresh local produce, sea food, steaks and salads with the all present locally produced olive oil.

Istria Region

Istria is the region in the north-west part of the country, closest to Italy and Slovenia. It is well known for its beautiful natural landscapes, friendly towns and hospitable people. Village tourism and camping are particularly developed in this reagion, although you will find its coastline equally developed and travel and tourism oriented.

Makarska Riviera

Makarska Riviera is the location where the Croatian coast gives a beautiful look. The waters, pine trees, pebble beaches and also bays are peaceful. There are many restaurants and also villas where the people will stay. There are also villas with swimming pools. The visitors will enjoy the stay in the villas.

Krka National Park

Krka national park is full of natural beauty. There are two water falls in this park. It is nice to look around the places, stay in the villa and also eat the local cuisines there. While it is a pleasure to visit Croatia for the first time, you will meet many visitors who have been coming to this beautiful country for many years on their holidays.

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