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Five Things to Pack for Your Trip to Croatia

Experience this Mediterranean tourist destination

Each year more and more tourists flock to Croatia, and it has now become so popular that it was actually declared the fastest growing Mediterranean tourist destination just a few short years ago in 2012.

Today, the trend continues as there is such a diverse amount of sights to see and things to do. From apparitions of the Blessed Virgin in Medjugorje (in the neighbouring Herzegovina) to an active nightlife in Dubrovnik, what you pack depends on what you intend to do. Here are five things to pack for your trip to Croatia, no matter which part of this amazing country you intend to visit.

A seaside town in Croatia
With typical Mediterranean climate and numerours little towns dotted along its coastline,
Croatia is one Europe's premier holiday destinations

#1 Travel Guide to Croatia

Simply because there is just so much to experience here, a travel guide should be your number one priority. Although this is a highly religious country where it is estimated that Catholics number approximately 90% of the population, there are cultural differences between the north and the south. In the north, you can find topless beaches as you can throughout Europe, but it is advised that you keep your top on in the south. Many priests and bishops hail from this region and what they consider to be promiscuity is highly frowned upon. A good tour guide should tell you the do’s & don’ts.

#2 Mosquito Repellent & Sunscreen

Being a Mediterranean country, it stands to reason that Croatia has a Mediterranean climate. There are islands upon islands, at least 1200 of them, so you can imagine in a damp climate like this that mosquitos would be prolific. The warm sun can be a nemesis to those who live in northern climates so make sure to pack some sunscreen with a very high SPF rating.

#3 Walking Shoes & Hiking Boots

An old alley way in Poreč
Some of the old, narrow streets and sights in Croatia towns are best experienced on foot - bring your walking shoes
One of the things any tour/travel guide will tell you is that much of the country has stairs – and lots of them! Some of the historic sites are located up steep stairways which you will need to traverse if you want to visit them. As well, trains in the north connect many of the main cities, but in the south, forget it. Take a bus. You will most likely be doing a lot of walking and hiking unless you are brave enough to rent a car. It is suggested that you drive very carefully indeed in Croatia. Many of the streets in many of the towns are still somewhat unpaved.

#4 Casual Wear

In such a lovely warm climate, you will want to dress casually during the daytime. Shorts, sundresses, and sleeveless tops are all good choices. This is when you will likely be doing your exploring and visiting the many UNESCO World Heritage sites. Getting to and from these interesting locations may require a bit of walking so dress coolly enough to make it pleasurable.

#5 Evening Clothes

Once again we come back to Dubrovnik where there is a highly active nightlife. It is socially acceptable to wear casual outfits during the day, but in this vibrant city, residents dress up for their nights on the town. Many tour guides and publications make mention of the fact that going to clubs in casual wear tends to raise an eyebrow or two amongst the locals. They just don’t see how Europeans and Americans can treat evenings on the town so casually.

So, here you have it. These five things to pack for your trip to Croatia are a must. Just one word of advice from the travel outfitters at Global Luggage: you might want to consider taking a very lightweight Jekyll & Hyde backpack without wheels. Many of the hotels and inns at which you might be staying will require you to climb steps so you will need to be able to carry your bag. But once you get there, you will have the time of your life Mediterranean style.

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