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Croatia - Top Destination for Health Tourism

Highlights for Medical Tourism in Croatia

In the past, the people who get sick had to stay near their home to get treatment. But with the development of medicine and transportation, patients now have more choices to get medical treatment. They can travel to other cities or even other countries, such as Croatia, to obtain treatment, which is called medical tourism or health tourism.

What makes medical tourism more appealing is no waiting time, lower treatment costs, and affordable international travelling expenses. Add to it the opportunity to have a holiday abroad and the whole exercise of going to another country for a health or medical treatment starts to make sense.

National Park Plitvice Lakes in Croatia
Croatia's natural beauty lends itself quite well for visiting medical tourists, who often find time to rest and relax after their medical procedures

Owing to these and other factors, Croatia is becoming one of the popular medical tourist destinations in Europe. At the crossroads of the Mediterranean, the Central Europe and the Southeast Europe, Croatia own beautiful coastline, pristine national parks, one of the cleanest seas in Europe, great islands and pleasant weather make Croatia a great destination for health tourism.

The medical facilities and healthcare services are quite sound and the locals naturally favour foreign paying medical clients.

Highlights of Medical Tourism in Croatia

» There are hundreds of healthcare institutions including around 80 hospitals and clinics and 24000 hospital beds in this country.

» The modern medical equipment, professional physicians and good quality care are the reasons for ideal medical tourism in Croatia.

» There is also special Association for Medical Tourism Development to manage the affairs of medical tourisms.

» All medical treatments are provided by the best suited and well trained physicians at the leading state of the art facilities in Croatia.

The most popular treatments among non-Croatian patients comprise from the aesthetic procedures, Dental treatments, Eye Procedures, Dermatalogy and Medical wellness And Rehabilitation.

Dental treatment
One of the most common and oftens selected medical procedures by medical tourists in Croatia is that of dental work

What to do

When a patient decides to take a medical trip to Croatia, the following typical processes shall be carried out:

1) Contact a medical tourist provider;

2) Provide the patient's medical report, medical history and other information to the medical tourist provider;

3) Confirm the medical expenditure, choice of hospital and duration of stay with a certified physician or consultant;

4) Sign consent agreement with the medical tourist provider;

5) Obtain the recommendation letter from the medical tourist provider;

6) Apply for a medical visa with the recommendation letter;

7) Travel to the destination country and take the medical treatment according to the agreement. In general, the medical tourist provider will arrange the accommodation and other care service in the destination country except the medical treatment.

If a patient owns the European Health Card (EHIC) and is insured by a statutory social security scheme of the EEA countries and Switzerland, the medical treatment might be charge for free or at a reduced cost.

The alluring combination of the Croatia’s natural environment, rich history, wide range of Wellness Centers and advanced medical conditions attracts a lot of patients in Europe and other countries to receive medical treatments in Croatia.

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