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7 Things for which Croatia is Famous

What makes Croatia an amazing country to visit

Why visit Croatia for your holiday? This once shell-stunned country has recouped from turmoil and now offers guests probably the most stunning sights and encounters on the planet. Croatia has long been a getaway for the rich and famous in Europe, going back to the Roman times, when the emperor Diocletian built his summer palace in what's today's city of Split. Today, Croatia is an amazing place to visit.

What would you be able to discover in Croatia? From its centuries old historical past to its natural beauty, there's an unlimited number of things to see and do here. Croatia's traditions and heritage are well worth exploring, as is its beautiful coastline, numerous islands, and unique national parks.

Town of Komiža on Croatia's coast
Croatia's national parks are key tourist attractions on inland Croatia, offering natural splendour

Top 7 reasons to visit Croatia

These seven highlights will only give you a "taste" of what you can enjoy on your holiday in Croatia.

» The Famous Croatian Heritage

Croatia's origins go back to antique times, with its profound roots reaching out far into the misty past. You'll find that past lives on today, side by side with modern architecture and innovation. Exploring Croatia, you will encounter that centuries old legacy and its past. For example, you will discover Diocletian's Palace in Split, and the reservoir conduit of Diocletian (the water passage now rests in a display and exhibition hall), going back to the third century.

» Croatia's Natural Beauty

Croatia is a land of amazing variety. You can enjoy its beaches, beautiful coastline with numerous islands, or go inland for a spectacular scenery and village tourism. The country boasts 8 national parks, including UNESCO-protected, popular Plitivice Lakes. A visit to any of these parks will give you a refreshing insight into Croatia's wildlife.

On the other hand, you can indulge into viewing archeological remains from both Roman and Greek times, on the islands and the mainland. Or visit still extraordinary Roman coloseum in Pula, where music concerts and Pula film festivals are held. If you're in Split you'll inevitably get to know Diokletian palace. Travel further south and explore the magnificent old city walls in Dubrovnik. Both Split and Dubrovnik locations are used to film the popular "Game of Thrones" TV series.

National Park Krka in Croatia
Charming little towns along Croatia's coastline attract many visitors during the summer months

» Numerous Touring Sites and Backpacking

There are few nations on the planet as suited to hiking and backpacking as Croatia. The beautiful scenery, winding rivers, lakes, hillside and mountains make this is an ideal place for hikers. You can go inland and hitch your rides through national parks, or stay around the towns and villages, in hotels, local inns and guest houses. You will delight in country serenity and peacefulness, the mind blowing pastoral beauty, and friendly locals. It's an experience that will leave you with lifetime memories.

» Creative Inventors and Designers

There are many famous Croatians, now and in the recent history. One of the best known is Nikola Tesla, famous for its electricity experiments and inventions. Tesla was born in town of Smiljan, Croatia, near the large town of Gospić. You can visit Tesla's birth house and his father's congregation (he was an Orthodox cleric) in Smiljan, which has been transformed into a historical centre. The town is only a 15 kms away from the major Zagreb-Split highway.

» The Capital City of Croatia

Croatia's capital, Zagreb, is an interesting blend of old architectual buildings and new urban development. It's a city where its first modern Exhibition Centre did not open until 2009. However, the first punk rock show was held in 1977 directly under the nose of a Communist administration. Presently, it is home to widely acclaimed Zagreb film festival and an underground trendy person scene. Talking about Zagreb, most locals spend their spring and summer at lake Jarun, swimming and sunbathing. Nearby restaurants offer meals and refreshments. The city is dotted with many good night spots.

» Croatia's Famous Coastline

Croatia has been rightly named "The Gem of the Adriatic" for its startling coastline beauty. More than a thousand islands are basking in the blue Adriatic Sea, one of the cleanest in Europe, against a backdrop of high mountains. The coastline is dotted with small and large towns, each offering a unique holiday experience. Regular ferry services are connecting the mainland with the largest islands, as well as some parts of Italy, such as Ancona and Venice. During the summer months, the coastal towns are brimming with life and summer parties. There is also a good music scene and international film festivals.

Vineyard with white grapes
Quality Croatian wines are gaining more recognition internationally, especially with the sorts that are unique to Croatia

» Croatian Food and Wines

There are numerous attraction sites in Croatia, everywhere you go. But you will also find Croatia's culinary delights enjoyable. Greek pilgrims initially planted vineyards along Croatia's coast in the Fifth Century. Today Croatia has more than 300 wine developing locales and a growing gathering of autonomous wine makers. There are numerous regions that produce good wines, on the islands, along the costaline and inland Croatia. One of the best known wines is Graševina, a high-quality white wine.

While Croatian wines are growing in their popularity, few people know that you can go out rummaging for truffles in the nationa's Istrian Peninsula. Croatian truffles are among the best in the world. These highly prized fungi is a well recognized culinary delight, used in Haute cuisine.

Plan to visit Croatia on your summer holiday. You are guaranteed to have numerous places to visit and things to do.

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