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Dalmatia Travel

Travel to Dalmatian Coast

For an unforgetable holiday, travel to Dalmatia and visit the beautiful Dalmatian coast. Dalmatia and its coastline offer hundreds of sunny islands, surrounded by crystal blue waters, with friendly locals and rich Mediterranean culture.

Dalmatia is the largest coastal region in Croatia, stretching from town of Zadar up northwest, through to Sibenik, Split, Makarska, all the way down to Ploce and Dubrovnik city.

Dalmatien - Dalmatia video - Urlaubsbilder und Nationalparks aus dem Umkreis von Zadar - photos from Paklenica and Plitvice Lakes national parks, as well as from around town of Zadar, accompanied by true Dalmatian music and songs in Croatian

Travel to Dalmatia

If you're planning your holiday in Croatia, then you can't go past travelling to Dalmatia and its beautiful coastline. You will be pleasantly surprised by the Dalmatian islands in and around the city of Split, the second largest city in Croatia and the largest in Dalmatia. Classed as the world's oldest retirement haven, Dalmatian Coast is very special area of the eastern Adriatic Sea with the numerous islands and surrounding countryside. Dalmatia is one of the oldest travel destinations in Europe.

Panorama of Split, Dalmatia
A panoramic view of the city of Split - the regional centre of Dalmatia

Dalmatia offers numerous island holiday and travel possibilities. If you like a pampered 'full board and all' apartment holiday, you will find more choices available along the mainland Dalmatian coastline, as well as on some of the larger islands, like Hvar and Brac. However, if you prefer a more adventurous type of holiday or travel, to enjoy the peace and tranquility of a Mediterranean island, then we can send you to 'Pakleni otoci' island archipelago, near the island of Hvar.

Dalmatien die Schöneit Kroatien video - ein kurzer film über die schönheit dalmatiens. Video photo tour of Dalmatia and its best known places, including Split, Makarska, Baška Voda, and Dubrovnik

City of Split - the regional centre of Dalmatia

Well established and constantly improving infrastructure in the Split region of Dalmatia ensures the visitor a very unique and pleasurable holiday that many of the rich and famous have been enjoying for years! This includes daily international and national airline connections from the Split airport to many major cities in Europe. Likewise, there are also daily ferry connections from Split's ferry harbour to many coastal cities along the Mediterranean Coast.

A well educated and multi-linguisticall talented tourist industry pampers new and long-time visitors alike. Apart from fishing, tourism and travel are the main industries along the Dalmatian coast and on its islands. So travel and tourist operators and their employees usually speak second or third language, with English, German and Italian langauges being the most common ones.

Old town of Trogir, Dalmatia
You will find a lot of old architecture on your visit to Dalmatia,
such as for example the protected old town of Trogir, near Split

Traditional, classical, and modern music festivals are held during the Summer in many coastal and island cities and towns in Dalmatia. These are interwowen with theatre productions, museums, and well preserved architecture of numerous influences - from Greek and Roman, to Napoleonic and Italian. This variety of summer entertainment and historical monuments easily allows a holiday in Dalmatia and its islands to be as diverse and interesting as one wishes it to be. No wonder travellers flock to this region in millions every year!

Unique holiday offerings in Dalmatia

Seaside town in Dalmatia
There are a lot of charming towns alongside the Dalmatian coastline, with crystal-clear sea waters

We will be sourcing some very special travel offerings for you, each having their own unique qualities to suit both the adventurous and relaxed holidaymakers and travellers alike. Watch this space for ongoing additions of new information about holiday and travel offers in Croatia and Dalmatia.

During the past few years Croatia has become one of the most desirable travel and holiday destinations in Europe, regaining the ground it lost in early 1990s. Combined with its sporting achievements in the late 90s and over the past few years, as well as its exports, in 2006 it's likely to become one of the hottest travel destinations in the world!

In the What to Watch For In 2006 article, TIME magazine writes:

"THE DALMATIAN COAST - This year skip the French and Italian Riviera and head for Croatia's Dalmatian Coast, where mountains meet the shimmering Adriatic Sea. The region is still relatively undiscovered, which means unspoiled beaches and affordable prices even in the medieval walled city of Dubrovnik."

'The Dalmatian Coast beaches of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea are getting their share of buzz [for 2006]', according to CNN website's recent December 2005 travel report about Dalmatia.

There is a very special travel adventure to be experienced in and around the Dalmatian islands and along its picturesque coastline. Contact us with your travel requirements and we'll strive to assist you. We look forward to welcoming you soon to Dalmatian Coast!

(Did you know that one of the most popular and most recognized dog breeds in the world, the Dalmatian breed, was named after Dalmatia!)

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