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Croatia Vacation

How to get the most on your Croatia Vacation

Croatia, located in southern Europe, is one of the most interesting and beautiful spots to consider for a vacation. When planning your Croatia vacation, there are several different travel options. If you are traveling from abroad, you can take a flight to one of the many airports located throughout the country. Some of the larger airports include Pula airport, Dubrovnik airport, Zagreb airport, Zadar airport, and Split airport.

You can also reach Croatia by train from other destinations within Europe. There are numerous direct train routes that link Croatia to countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Hungary and Austria. Traveling by train is often preferred by many travelers because it provides the option of observing the beautiful scenery along the way.

Another travel option would be to take a direct bus from nearby countries to Croatia. This option gives you more flexibility as buses can bring you closer to your hotel or other vacation rental places. Or simply grab one of taxi services from bus station to take you directly to your vacation accommodation.

Plenty to see on your vacation

Once you arrive in Croatia for your vacation, there are certainly many different interesting and beautiful sights to see. The Mediterranean Sea is one of the most popular resort destinations in Croatia, as it is the closest location to the sea in central Europe. There are also many national parks throughout Croatia, all of which are renowned for their natural beauty.

Town of Novigrad, near Zadar, in Croatia
Novigrad, in Zadar's hinterland on Novigrad Sea, is a historical town with
Mediterranean architecture, partially fortified. This is but one of the many
beautiful places that you're likely to encounter on your vacation in Croatia

You will find there are many different accommodation options for your Croatian vacation. By going online you can compare several hotels at once to be sure you find the lowest price. In the last few years, Croatia has become a popular destination for honeymooners. If you are planning a trip to Croatia for your honeymoon, be sure to check out the many hotels in the country that cater specifically to honeymooners.

Croatia vacation tours

Perhaps the best way to see the country is through a tour. You can participate in either a private tour or a group tour with others who are enjoying a vacation in the country. If you happen to be a history buff, you might consider taking a specialized tour that will guide you through the many historical sights in Croatia.

Other popular tour options include scenic tours that will take you through some of the most beautiful areas of Croatia as well as bicycle tours that will give you an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of this pristine country up close and personal.

Regardless of whether you are look to enjoy a romantic honeymoon or you simply want to soak up the natural beauty of Croatia, there are many different tour and vacation options to consider.

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