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Croatia Casinos

Luxurious Casinos Hosted in Historical Buildings for Gambling Delight

Croatia's shoreline stretches for approximately 5,835 km, but that is not the only reason Croatia has experienced a growing number of tourists with each passing year. Croatia has some of the best summer resorts and entertainments that Europe can boast of, at exceptional prices, but with all the amenities and fringes one can hope to experience. Casinos in Croatia provide additional entertainment for the visitors to enjoy.

Gambling in Dubrovnik

Croatia is beautiful wherever you go however, some resorts are more popular than the others but Dubrovnik is a must visit on anyone's list. With sights that take your breath away, Dubrovnik also offers exquisite gambling delights in a luxurious casino hosted in historical buildings from another era. The Golden Sun Casino offers blackjack, American roulette, Caribbean stud and poker tables.

Casino's craps table
Casinos in Croatia provide the usual gambling entertainment in luxurious surrounds
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Zagreb Casinos

Zagreb is yet another tourist favorite but not only, as locals love their capital and are proud to be able to boast some architecture and monuments that are centuries and centuries old. Amongst history and time you will also get the chance to try your lucky hand in several different casinos in Zagreb as well. The best known casinos in Zagreb are: Luckia Casino, Casino City, Diamond Palace Casino, Golden Sun, Casino Cesar and Club Admiral.

Casinos in Split

As the second largest city in Croatia, Split also offers casino entertainment. There are two casinos in the city: Platinum Casino and Merit Casino. Together they have nearly 200 slots and gaming machines. The Merit Casino is located at Le Meridien Lav Hotel, with 95 gaming machines. The Paltinum Casino has 100 gaming machines and 6 poker tables.

Las Vegas Croatia Casinos

Croatia casinos are all over the country each one trying to be better than the other through unique settings and attractive packages. Some Croatian casinos are situated in the complex of a hotel, which is preferred by those who like to spend the whole night at the gambling tables looking for lady luck. Las Vegas Croatia casinos is a famous group, which boasts of a number of them all around the Istria region. At any one of these casinos you can find your favorite games such as black jack, roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker and the always popular slot machines.

House Rules Differ

Croatia casinos only allow those of aged 18 years and above to gamble, as well as drinking any alcoholic beverages. Most casinos will require verification of your age through photo identification. House rule may differ from casino to casino therefore, it is best you go through them in order to avoid any surprises. Most Croatian casinos are open from early afternoon to the wee hours of the morning but are entitled to ask any guest to leave should he or she be disturbing other guests.

In order to get the best bargain on your stay in Croatia check online for different packages available each season or contact your local travel agent. If you are already in Europe you can drive or take a train and see the beautiful country in the process as well. You can stop and enjoy each city as you make your way to your destination as well as try your luck at the local casinos found along the way.

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