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Adventure Travel in Croatia

How to Experience and Enjoy Croatia Adventure Travel

If you want to experience a Croatia adventure travel trip, your vacation should include the ultimate in adventure, including canoeing, kayaking, hiking, sailing, and so much more. Through adventure travel, you can visit the true beauty of Croatia’s natural elements, like rivers, lakes, and mountains.

Mountainous region of Lika, in Croatia
If you like hiking and exploring less traveled areas, you will find many options in Croatia inland, such as this hilly region of Lika.  (Image by

Croatia Adventure Travel

Part of the appeal of Croatia adventure travel is the ability to observe nature at its finest. This means that it has not been spoiled or altered by man or civilization. It is just the way it was intended to be for people to enjoy.

Another part of the appeal when embarking on Croatia adventure travel is the cultural immersion. Instead of making the people of the land conform to your language and your ways, you get to see how their culture works and even participate in parts of it throughout your trip.

Choose Private or Group Trip

Each trip is set up with a different interest group, ability level, duration, and route. The interest group will determine whether or not the trip is geared toward solo travelers or couples. Generally, if you have your own small group going, you can ask for a private trip instead of fitting into one of the pre-formed groups.

Additionally, each trip will have a different ability level. Some are easy, most are moderate, and a few select trips will be hard. The ability level will give you a good idea of what is expected of you while on your holiday adventure. Similarly, a factor in a Croatia adventure travel is the duration of the trip. While some trips, like weekend trips, only last a few days, others can last up to a couple of weeks.

Canyon Mala Paklenica, Croatia
Rock climbing is one of outdoor activities that can be part of your adventure in Croatia. This is Mala Paklenica canyon, popular with rock climbers. 
(Image by

Adventure Travel Route

The route that your Croatia adventure travel takes will most likely be determined by how long of a trip you are able to take. The longer you are able to go, the more you are able to see and do. One trip, for example, may last eight days and allow you to start in Dubrovnik, travel down the coastline through Split and Trogir, and end up in the medieval villages of Istria.

The best way to experience adventure travel in Croatia is to find a group that will take you off the tradition path, immerse you in the culture, and get you to your destination with a load of adventure and fun along the way. When you can do that on a holiday your travel guide has the job.

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