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Interesting articles about Dalmatia and former Yugoslavia breakup

If you wish to learn more about Croatia's recent history and know more about the Dalmatian dogs, read our articles below. There's also some info about subletting your apartment, while you go on trip to Croatia.

  Little known facts about Croatia
Dalmatian Dogs

Dalmatian Dogs Breed

One of the most recognizable pure breed dogs is no doubt the Dalmatian dog, owing its popularity to the "101 Dalmatians" book and the Disney movies. This beautifully decorated pure breed is an excellent watch dog and companion, with a rich history of the breed. Learn more about Dalmatian dogs.

Former Yugoslavia

Former Yugoslavia Countries

Croatia was once part of a union of small Balkan states, grouped along ethnic and religious lines, known as Yugoslavia. This former communist republic fell apart in the early 1990s. This resulted in creation of new, independent states: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montengero, Serbia, Kosovo, and Macedonia.

Sublet Apartment

Sublet Your Apartment

So, you are planning an extended vacation in Croatia, coming from the USA or some other country? Even if you score a great deal on your airfares and accommodation, it can still cost you a nice sum. How about subletting your home or apartment to earn some money, while you enjoy your stay in Croatia.

Croatia beach
Experience a true beauty of Croatia holiday, with its colourful beaches,
crystal-clear blue seas, and magnificent islands-dotted coastline.