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Touring Croatia

Tour Croatia to Discover and Explore this Amazing Country

Once upon a time, the area known today as Croatia was the destination of choice for Europe's royal elite. Today, it has regained its prominent location at the top of the destination list, but is no longer a guarded secret of the aristocracy.

In fact, numerous Europeans and Americans are discovering that Croatia  has much to offer. Whether you want to glory in ancient architecture, gothic design, head to the fantastic Adriatic beaches or explore national parks, Croatia has something to offer everyone.

Touring around Croatian island
Discover Croatia's beautiful coastline, islands and the sea by taking one of many seaside tours

Touring Croatia is one of the best ways to discover this amazing land. You will find numerous tours offered by a wide variety of different companies. Tours are customizable, depending on how long you intend to stay in the country, as well as what areas you desire to see. However, choosing the right tour for your needs means knowing at least a little bit about what there is to see and do in the country. Here, then, is a brief list to help you make a knowledgeable decision.

City Tours

Croatia boasts a number of historic cities, including Split, Zagreb, Dubrovnik and many more. Split is home to the Diocletian palace and aqueduct, as well as numerous other medieval and Roman ruins. Zagreb and Dubrovnik also have their fare share of historic cathedrals, gothic monuments and towering walls for your enjoyment. Taking a tour through the cities of Croatia is a great way to enjoy history, as well as better understand the blossoming country.

Town of Trogir on a cloudy day
Many cities along Croatian coastline offer sightseeing and other tours, which is a great way to explore your destination

Tour by the Sea

The Adriatic Sea is an integral part of Croatia; numerous islands, national parks and beaches beckon, promising great enjoyment. Taking a tour by sea is a fantastic way to explore the nation's wonders. You will find numerous cruises, from luxury yachts to fishing tours through the area, offering you the best way to experience Croatia. Kayaking tours offer you a fun way to hop islands, experiencing the vast diversity of history, culture and wildlife held in these beautiful islands.

Inland Tours

While not as popular as the coastal and mountain areas of the nation, the inland portion is home to numerous quaint villages, beautiful vineyards and several national parks. A tour through the inland regions can let you experience traditional life in Croatia, as well as enjoy numerous gastronomic delights, sure to please even the most finicky palate. Wine tours are available, as are historical tours and combinations of the two.

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