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Croatia Activities

Fun Outdoor Activities on your holiday in Croatia

While some people come to Croatia to experience the history and the culture, others come to find adventure. Travellers and holidaymakers who are looking for a thrill can find many different types fun and adventurous activities to do while on holiday in Croatia.


Many places along the coast offer great opportunities for sea kayaking in the Adriatic. Some of the favorite places to kayak are the Elafiti Islands (Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan) and the Kornati Islands. River kayaking is popular on the Cetina River and the Four Rivers of Karlovac. No matter which you prefer, you are bound to have a good time.

Sailing boats and yachts in marina
Croatia is one of favourite destinations for sailing and boating enthusiasts, offering a great variety of sailing boats and luxury yachts


The Adriatic Sea provides a great playground for those who love to sail. There are a number of great islands to visit, including some that have their own national parks on them, which can provide a whole new adventure. If you obtain a license, you can even fish from your boat.

Rock Climbing

Climbing is a sport that is growing in popularity among the people of Croatia. With all of the great places to climb, it is becoming a popular outdoor activity with the tourists as well. Paklenica National Park alone has more than four hundred different routes to climb! These routes are suitable for everyone from the beginning climber to the veteran.


Croatia contains eight national parks and a number of natural preserves, all of which have great hiking trails. No matter the level of difficulty or the type of terrain you want, you are sure to find a great trial.


You can cycle along the roads in many parts of the country, taking in the sights and sounds as leisurely as you please. Trails for mountain bikes are also quite plentiful and encompass a variety of different terrains.

Cycling on holidays in Croatia
Many parts of Croatia are great for cycling activity, on flat terrain as well as great mountain rides

Cave Diving

Another popular outdoor activity in Croatia is cave diving. Thousands of caves exist across the country, with some of the most famous being in the Karstic area. You can also find great caves with incredible features that don’t require you to have any spelunking experience.


Most of the best ski slopes can be found in Medvednica, which has a variety of different runs that can challenge every level skier. Other ski runs can be found at the Olympic Center and Platak.

No matter what style of outdoor activity and adventure suits you, finding it in Croatia will be a breeze. If all you want to do is lounge on a beach and soak up the rays, then you can do that as well!

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Croatia Activities
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