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Activities in Croatia

Croatia Activities

Holiday Activities in Croatia

Travellers and holidaymakers coming to Croatia can choose among many different kinds of fun and adventurous activities. These include sailing, hiking, kayaking, mountain climbing, cycling, and more.

Croatia Cruising

Croatia Cruising and Yachting

Croatia has become firmly established as one of top destinations for cruising and yachting, thanks to its warm waters, marinas, interesting anchorages, and over 1200 islands to explore in the Adriatic Sea.

Croatian Cinema

Croatian Cinema Showcased

Croatia has long been renowned for being a hotspot for celebrities, especially places such as Dubrovnik, where Game of Thrones is filmed. Croatian films are also present on international film festivals.

Cycling Holidays

Cycling Holidays in Croatia

Cycling enthusiasts will find many cycling options available in Croatia. Whether you like just easy rides on a flat terrain, or enjoy a challenge of a mountain ride, you will find the right destination here.

Female Packing List

Female Packing List for Croatia

Whether you are planning a short holiday, a weekend getaway or a longer trip to Croatia, as a woman you should pack certain things to enjoy your holiday care free. Check our suggested female packing list.

Historical Places

Visit Historical Places

With its rich history and cultural heritage, Croatia is a great destination for those who love visiting historical sites. If you are looking to reconnect with history, you will find numerous historical places throughout Croatia.

Hot Summer Parties

Hot and Happening Summer Parties

When you are on holidays it's only natural that you are looking for some excitement, especially in your youth. Croatia is host to numerous summer parties. We show you where to find the best parties on the coastline.

Hotel Casinos

Croatia's Hotel Casinos

As one of the premier holiday destinations, Croatia caters for all kinds of visitors, including those who like gambling. Staying at a hotel with casino combines a good entertainment and a great accommodation.

Music Festivals

Music Festivals in Croatia

Situated in south Eastern Europe, on the brink of central Europe and borderin with the Mediterranean, Croatia is at the ideal crossroads in this part of the world. This makes it one of hot locations for music festivals.

Croatia Cruising

Sailing Charter in Croatia

The country's eye-cathing coastline and numerous islands provide for a wonderful sailing experience. Its 3000 miles long coastline brings all the grandeur and magic that this country offers for a sailing holiday.

Touring Croatia

Touring Croatia

Each year more and more tourists are discovering the beauty of Croatia. The greatest way to explore this country, its amazing coastline and numerous islands is to take any number of available tours.

Things to do on your holiday in Croatia

Croatia is a land of many stories and immense beauty. You will find tales of ancient cultures, powerful medieval rulers, invasions, wars and more. Coupled with this incredible history and culture, the country offers some of the most stunning natural beauty in the world.

Taking a cruise on a sailboat
There are numerous holiday activities available in Croatia, although cruising and sailing tours are amongst the most popular choices

Whether you like Mediterranean beaches, amazing coastline, numerous and diverse islands, pristine mountains and virgin forests or city life, you will find it all here. From ancient cities and ruins, medieval walls of Dubrovnik or Trogir, to national parks, Croatia offers something for everyone.

Explored this beautiful land by taking different tours, or organize your own activities on land and sea. Whatever your choice of holiday activity, you're bound to find immense enjoyment on your holiday in Croatia.

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