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Tips on how to choose perfect house
for kids summer holidays in Croatia

Summer vacation is in full swing, autumn is approaching, and parents are again looking for a resort to rest with children. We are all tired of the world's situation, and now there is a small opportunity to stay in a safe place for vacation. This article will tell you about the best place for a family holiday in Croatia.

A lone boat in a bay near Trogir town, Croatia
Even during these pandemic times, Croatia has been popular with tourists,
In particular with boating enthusiasts, keeping away from big crowds.

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a picture: the azure sea with the reflections of the sun's rays, beaches surrounded by pine trees, the air saturated with the aroma of the sea and pine needles, charming islands on the horizon.

Or maybe you imagine something else: small towns on the coast, old fortresses, houses under red tiles, and a delicious smell of fish on coals from the seaside restaurants. You want to find yourself in this fairy tale, the name of which is Croatia. Family holidays in Croatia are easy to plan. In our review, you will find tips on choosing a perfect house for kids' summer holidays in Croatia. Let's dive in!

Croatia – what is it about?

If you can call a country charming, then Croatia is just that. Beautiful, very lively, natural, without pomp - Croatia is loved with all its shortcomings, especially since it has many more advantages. Let's start with the fact that Croatia's ecological situation is one of the most impeccable in the world. There is a clear sea with sandy beaches, picturesque mountains, beautiful islands, and neat resort towns where you can relax.

People come to the sea resorts to forget about bronchitis forever: the sea air, flavored with phytoncides of pines, is useful for preventing colds. At the same time, vacation in Croatia is not limited to the beaches. Each resort has old fortresses, museums, parks - everything you need for active and curious families.

A row of colourful waterfront house in the city of Rovinj, Croatia
The city of Rovinj has been one of the most popular destinations in Croatia
throughout the years, regularly attracting many tourists, including families.

How to choose a house?

Another reason to travel to Croatia is to go on vacation with a large family or several families of friends with children. If you travel with a small child, don’t forget about the toddler travel bed and accessories that make your trip convenient. And for this, it is not necessary to book a hotel. Numerous houses or villas on the coast are perfect for a large company- every taste and budget, from simple, comfortable apartments to the best beach villas in Croatia.

Upon prior request, the owners of the houses provide cots and bedding, dishes for young guests, an individual transfer, a nanny - and everything necessary for a comfortable stay for children.

Another plus of such accommodation is that there is no reference to the hotel's diet and schedule. You can always prepare the food your child prefers by purchasing it at the nearest store at an affordable price.

Most of the Croatia holiday houses are placed in Central Dalmatia, there are many of them on Ciovo Island, and there are some holiday homes in Dubrovnik. There are more hotels in Istria, so there are not so many houses, and you will need to book them before the season starts.

When choosing a house, you will be responsible for organizing children’s time. You can take older kids on a journey to nearby towns, natural parks, or just to lie on the beach. Active and curious children can visit various fairs and knightly tournaments.

The seaside town of Cavtat in Croatia
The town of Cavtat is but one of the numerous coastal towns that's always
been a favourite with its visitors, whether they come for family or boating holidays.

Where is the best vacation with children in Croatia?

Istria and Dalmatia are perfect for families with children. From June to September, the air temperature here is kept at the level of 25-29°C, and the warmth of seawater is at least 23-25​​°C.

Istria is the largest peninsula in Croatia. Miniature towns and villages surrounded by terry hills resemble a cozy European province. The combination of coniferous forests and sea breezes creates a unique healing climate. Istria is ideal for families with children: the sea is shallow here, so it warms up quickly enough.

One of the best places for a family holiday in Croatia in Istria is Medulin, known for its sunny beaches, perfect even for little ones. Umag, Porec, Rovinj are also significant.

Dalmatia has earned the title of a family holiday paradise. Pine trees descend directly to the water's edge, many kilometers of small pebble and sandy beaches are interrupted by rocks, creating cozy, calm bays.

Here you can take a horse ride, ride a yacht, explore the old port, visit the aquarium in Dubrovnik, and watch the landscapes from the observation deck.

Resorts for families with children in Central Dalmatia are Šibenik, Omiš, Makarska Riviera. You can choose the towns of Brela, Baska Voda, South Dalmatia - Mlini, Babin Kuk. In the many cities, special children's parties and colorful festivals are organized, costume shows for small tourists throughout the summer season. Participation is free and exciting for both children and adults.

Busy port with white boats in Hvar town, on Hvar island
Hvar island is known as one of 'sunny islands' in Croatia, enjoying many sunny
days throughout the year and one of the hugely popular islands in Croatia.

The rest in these places will be a little more expensive, but the swimming season continues till October.

It is more convenient to rest with children in a private house, villa or apartments, scattered along the coast of Croatia.


Croatia can rightfully be called one of the best countries for families with children to have a rest. There is a relatively mild climate, clean air, enriched with phytoncides, gentle sea, and many fascinating places. What else is needed for the best beach holidays in Croatia?

Do you plan to visit Croatia with kids? What is your main priority in choosing a house for family holidays?


A guest post by Austin, a travel blogger who has visited more than 50 countries with his family.

Photos by Unsplash

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