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Croatia Holidays and Travel Guide

Stretching alongside the Adriatic Sea, with coastline of a thousand islands, Croatia has been for a long time one of the most popular holiday and travel destinations. Not only with the Europeans, but also with international travellers and holidaymakers. Every year more than 10 million visitors spend their annual holidays in Croatia, visiting its coastline, islands, villages, and national parks - from Istrian peninsula in the northwest to Dubrovnik in the south.

Private Accommodation in Croatia

Apartments Bircic Apartments Hrabar Villa Fragola
Apartments Bircic Apartments Hrabar Villa Fragola

Luxury half-board apartments and rooms accommodation, with sea views, konoba grill and full-size tennis court. Situated on small island near the town and island of Hvar. More Bircic info, or book here.

Located 500m near the old town of Trogir, close to the popular beaches and short walking distance from shops. Airconditioned apartments with internet and parking. More Hrabar info - book here.

If you prefer a family holiday in a stone house in a medieval town, then you will find Villa Fragola a great holiday home. Located in Draguć near Pula, fully equipped for a family of 4. More Fragola info - book here.

Beautiful Croatia

Beautiful Croatia

As one of the most beautiful places in Europe, Croatia still remains an unexplored paradise. Its natural beauty is well matched by its colourful urbane glamour, rich culture and friendly people. It offers a great holiday experience to all kinds of travellers, from backpackers to hotel dwellers.

Trip to Croatia

Trip to Croatia

As more and more tourists flock to Croatia each year, it's becoming ever more popular European and Mediterranean holiday destination. If you haven't yet experienced Croatia, we give you five things to pack on your trip to Croatia, to experience the most this country has to offer.

Best of Croatia Islands

Best of Croatia Islands

Croatia's beautiful coastline is one of the most picturesque in the world, dotted with a thousand islands. These range from ancient, arid and massive, to unpopulated, verdant and with tiny villages or large towns. Your holiday in Croatia won't be complete unless you visited at least one of islands.

Historical Places in Croatia

Top Historical Places in Croatia

One of Croatia's drawcards that attracts numerous visitors are its historical monuments. Many of them are dating back to the Roman times. We have picked up four of the best known historical places to visit in Croatia.

Croatia Holidays and Travel Info

Each year more and more travellers are re-discovering this Mediterranean gem. Find out what makes Croatia so appealing, or enquire with us about your Croatia holidays, travel, tours and accommodation. See also our Videos page for more vivid descriptions of Croatia.

Accommodation Yacht Charter Croatia Info
Accommodation in Croatia Yacht Charter Croatia Holidays

Reserve your Croatia holidays in one of the rooms or holiday apartments, with Apartments Bircic near Hvar island.

Charter a yacht and explore Croatian coast, from Zadar to Dubrovnik with Gardelin boat. Check our special rates.

There's plenty to see and do on your holidays in Croatia. Our mini guides provide a lot of Croatia travel information.

Dubrovnik Split Zagreb
Dubrovnik City Split, Croatia Zagreb, Croatia

Dubrovnik has become one of the best recognized holiday destinations in Croatia. Find what Dubrovnik has to offer.

Split, Croatia is the true tourist destination in Dalmatia, with road, train, ferry and airplane travel connections.

The capital of Croatia offers a lot of interesting sights to its visitors, as well as good hotel accommodation in the city.

Croatia Islands Croatia Photos Croatia Flights
Croatia Islands Croatia Photos Croatia Flights

Over thousand island scatter along Croatian coastline, half of which are populated, each with unique holiday offerings.

Pictures tell their own stories. There are 6 photo galleries here that will better convey to you Croatian impressions.

More than 20 airlines provide flights to Croatia, to Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, and to other parts of Croatia.

Articles Croatia News Croatia Resources
Travel Articles Croatia Tourism News Croatia Resources

A selection of travel articles will give you a different look at Croatia and little known facts on Croatia related subjects.

Your picture of Croatia would not be complete without other relevant Croatia news stories, including visiting celebrities.

Before your reach your travel destination, it's handy to arm yourself with good knowledge of the area and its resources.

Croatia Village Tourism

You will find that there's more to Croatia than its majestic coastline, clean sea and beautiful beaches. Over the past few years, old hotels have been renovated and upgraded, as well as new ones built. Hotel chains like Sheraton, Hilton, Westin and Le Meridien now have their hotels in Croatia. More importantly though is that once again Croatia Village Tourism has been developing and thriving.

Throughout Croatia there are excellent hotels and houses, plenty of restaurants, and more tours and activities than most people have time to do during their stay or holidays in Croatia. Search for hotel bookings in Croatia online.

Flights to Croatia

A total of six airports serve the major cities in the country. Most tourists and holiday visitors to Croatia will begin their journey from these places. During the summer season there is increasing number of flights to Croatia, including cheap flights in particular, from many European cities.

When looking for good deals on flights to Croatia, it is always better to begin looking early. Usually, the earlier you begin your research the better the deal you will find. Get best offers on airfares, tours and hotels from your top travel agents.

Croatia Activities

Of the many activities that you can partake on your holiday in Croatia, those that include natural elements are the most popular. Whether it is visiting one of the eight national parks or going to the beach, being out in nature and out in the sun provides fun for couples, families, and more during their stay. The inland portions of Croatia are filled with incredible pastoral beauty, simply begging to be hiked.

Croatian coastline is dotted with hundreds of small and large islands. This makes it one of the most beautiful and most appealing Mediterranean island coastlines.

Island hopping is another way to enjoy the best of what this country has to offer. Whether it is cliffs and caves, medieval walled cities, or uninhabited islands, each stop on your island hopping is bound to be different than the last. For a stunning scenery, delicious food and wine and some culture, go on walking holidays on Vis island.

Croatia Nightlife

Restaurants are plentiful in any of the city which you decide to visit and are an important part of Croatia tourism. With a variety of restaurants and the unique location of Croatia, you can find authentic Croatian, Italian, and Dalmatian entrees for you to taste. These, however, are just a few of the different cultural feasts which you can try during your holiday in Croatia.

During the summer months you will also find an abundance of night clubs in Croatia's coastal towns and cities. Amongst the best known are EastWest Beach Club in Dubrovnik, Carpe Diem on Hvar, Klub Deep in Makarska, Aquarius and Papaya in Zrće on Pag island, Hacienda in Vodice (near Šibenik) where Eva Longoaria partied on her visit to Croatia, and many others.

Those who like gaming will also find numerous casinos in Croatia. There are a few casinos in Rijeka, a couple in Split, as well as in towns of Opatija, Pula, Poreč, Umag and Zadar. Zagreb in particular has over a dozen of different casinos.

Adventure in Croatia

Holidays in Croatia can be a true adventure. For adventure travellers, Croatia offers beautiful rivers, lakes and mountains, many unspoiled by man. To fully experience a Croatia adventure travel trip, your vacation should include the ultimate in adventure, including canoeing, kayaking, hiking, sailing, and so much more. There are 8 national parks in Croatia, 10 nature parks, and 2 strict reserves. The two best known national parks are Plitvice Lakes and Krka National Park.

These are just some of the features that you're likely to experience on your holiday in Croatia. Those who are looking for a thrill can find many different types of fun and adventurous things to do while holidaying here. Explore our guides on this site for a complete holiday and travel adventure in Croatia!

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